A Gorn fleet for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO.
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 Fleet Structure

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PostSubject: Fleet Structure   Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:58 pm

  • Rank Structure: All members of the fleet are Sssgir’ssa (Captains). Unlike other fleet structures I wish this to be a group of ships all under their own command with their own crew, but all working for the same cause under the Black Crest banner.
    ~ The only exception in rank is post count on the forums.
  • Sssgir’ssa Grissa rank: Designated Flag Captain, this rank’s only difference is having command over the fleet in general (as when the fleet is created, one will be the leader. Even with this, it is closest I could come up with being equals)
    ~ The go-to person for applicatants.
    ~ Has last word on disputes (even with equal rank, will do the best to be fair in judgement)
    ~ Is tasked with creating events for the fleet to enjoy.
    ~ When absent for extended period of time, will pass leadership “baton” to designated “second”.
  • Science/Medical: Gorn are not known for their scientific or medical breakthroughs. Even upon their ships, there is perhaps one science station with the rest tactical.
    ~ Is tasked with keeping the Gorn of the fleet in good health. (Medical)
    ~ Is tasked with surveying probable planets to conquer and materials to collect for betterment of both fleet and race. (Science)
  • Infantry: Warriors at heart, the Gorn are very territorial, keeping those who threaten them at bay.
    ~ Is tasked with watching for any problems both within and without the fleet.
    ~ Is tasked with being the first to be in battle with our enemies. (Though the fleet as a whole will not be PvP orientated, those players who wish to do so on their own are welcome in this branch)
  • Diplomatic: Times have changed, where the Gorn must work with other races to get certain materials or to sign treaties for a short time
    ~ Is tasked with keeping relations with other fleets.
    ~ Is tasked with working trade agreements with other fleets.
    ~ Both tasks are to be agreed upon by the Flag Captain first, but once started, the Diplomatic branch will keep them in working order.
  • Engineering: Not known to make amazing pieces of technology, or take good care of them, the Gorn are rough on their ships
    ~ Is tasked with confiscation of alien and enemy technology.
    ~ Is tasked with keeping the ships of the fleet in working order.
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Fleet Structure
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