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 The Gorn - Military Structure

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PostSubject: The Gorn - Military Structure   Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:14 pm

One would think there would be some information out in cyberspace about the military of the Gorn, they are militaristic after all. But I did find a site about a game called Starport 17 - The Mirror Campaign that had information about the military structure of the Gorn there. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this could be adapted for ST:O?
As a quote from the creator's page:

Quote :
The vast majority of the information on these pages(especially the language...) has been developed by myself during play of the Triangle and Mirror campaigns and should in no way be taken as canon (except in those contexts of course ...). Every attempt has been undertaken to keep this within the canon (which given that there is SFA on the Gorn Alliance isn't hard), but influencing factors have been, in descending order of influence

"Demand of Honor" - A Star Trek : The Roleplaying Game Scenario written by J. Andrew Keith, from which the Gorn concepts of "Gessegrissgir"("Warriors' Code of Conduct") and "Ussegssirr" ("Manifest Destiny") are taken, as well as some historical elements, the basis for naming conventions and Gorn politics, adapted for a three Autarch system.
"The Sins of Commission" by Jan Michael Friedman - A Star Trek : The Next Generation Novel which is a) rather good, and b) the only one with any amount of Gorn in it. Well worth a read - That's how MY Gorn think!
"Star Fleet Battles" A Tactical Combat Game by Star Fleet Games set in an interpretation of the Original series Star Trek Universe as outlined in the Franz Joseph "Star Trek Technical Manual". Their ships look like those elegant beasties rather than the FASA Bricks of the RPG. Also, their three (almost equal) home worlds concept appealed. Their Gorn demeanour was almost "British" and I have reflected that in the rank system I adopted.
"The Worlds of the Federation" By Shane Johnson. Mostly I disagree with what was written in there, but I did like the logo, I've doctored the Gorn figure from their, and Gornar is the World upon which the Gorn evolved, but not the current First World, this being FASA's S'sgaron, the first established colony that was considerably better resourced than the world of their birth. Sss'ics is entirely my invention ... (A planet known for its political conservatism, lax moral standards and intellectually challenged golden scaled females ...)
If we should ever get anything concrete from the current series (DS9 and Voyager) then I shall adjust reality to fit, but I shan't hold my breath (though the mentions of the Federation Colony on Cestus III in DS9 had me salivating a little ...

Gorn Alliance Military Ranks

The Ground forces ranks are listed by their equivalent Naval grade, where such an equivalent exists, and the native Gorn term (in it's Anglic rendering) is given below each rank.

Note that "Sergeant of Horse" is the closest Terran equivalent of the Gorn term, "ss'har'saks sssharg", literally "ss'har'saks' sergeant" where a ss'har'saks is a Gorn hexapodal riding beast, used by through the ages as a mount of war.

Enlisted Grades (ss'gornsa'sshabba)


Crewman (sss'gorn)
Able Crewman (ess'sss'gorn)
Leading Crewman (rss'sss'gorn)
Petty Officer (ss'ssgir rasshess)
Senior Petty Officer (ess'ss'ssgir rasshess)
Chief Petty Officer (gess'ss'ssgir rasshess)
Senior Chief Petty Officer (ess'gess'ss'ssgir rasshess)

Ground Forces - Infantry

Private (ssgir)
Lance Corporal (ssshag sshtick)
Corporal (ssshag)
Sergeant (sssharg)
Staff Sergeant (sssharg'ssha)
Company Sergeant Major (gornssa'sshatta'sssharg)
Regimental Sergeant Major (es'gornssa'sshatta'sssharg)

Ground Forces - Calvary

Trooper (ssgir'ss)
Lance Corporal (ssshag sshtick)
Corporal (ssshag)
Sergeant of Horse (ss'har'saks sssharg)
Staff Sergeant (sssharg'ssha)
Warrant Officer (ss'ssgir gass)
Chief Warrant Officer (gess'ss'ssgir gass)

Ground Forces - Artillery

Gunner (ssshut'ta)
Bombardier (ess'sshut'ta)
Corporal (ssshag)
Sergeant (sssharg)
Staff Sergeant (sssharg'ssha)
Company Sergeant Major (gornssa'sshatta'sssharg)
Regimental Sergeant Major (es'gornssa'sshatta'sssharg)

Officer Grades (ss'ssgir'sshabba)


Sub Lieutenant (sshak)
Lieutenant (ssshak)
Lieutenant Commander (sshahss'sshak)
Commander (sshahss)
Captain (sssgir'ssa)
Flag Captain (sssgir'ssa grissa)
Commodore (ssgirssaahssha)
Rear Admiral (gressarg'rechsta)
Vice Admiral (gressarg'ssta)
Admiral (gressarg)
Fleet Admiral (gressarg'ssha'ga)

Ground Forces

Second Lieutenant (sshak'essa)
First Lieutenant (ssshak'ssa)
Captain (sssgir'ssa)
Major (ssshatta)
Lieutenant Colonel (gornsshattta'sshak)
Colonel (gornsshattta)
Brigadier (rass'gornsshatta)
Major General (grassarg'sshatta)
Lieutenant General (grassarg'sshak)
General (grassarg)
Field Marshal (ssaargakka)
Military Structure

Force Hierarchy



Ground Forces - Infantry


Ground Forces - Calvary


Ground Forces - Artillery

Artillery Piece

Each Fleet or Army is commanded by one Fleet Admiral or Field Marshal, and they answer directly to their commanding Autarch.

There are three leading or Home Worlds within the Gorn Alliance; S'sgaron - the First World, Gornar - the Second World and Sss'ics. - the Third World. These are the capital worlds of the three Provinces. Each of these controls Four fleets (Home, First, Second and Reserve), Four Armies (First, Second, Third and Fourth) which are levied from the provinces resources. Additional to this, there are the Alliance Fleet, and Alliance Army which are jointly funded by all three provinces, and under control of the council of Autarchs, with the Primary Autarch having executive authority. These are substantially larger than the other fleets or armies.
Service Divisions

Both service branches (Naval and Ground Forces) are subdivided into six service divisions

Science (including Ground Force Scouts and Technicians)
Engineering (including Ground Force Combat Engineer)
Services (including Communications and Diplomatic personnel)
Troops (these are combat troops rather than support personnel, but include designated Security officers)
Command (the individuals who are solely involved with the Command Division are Unit leaders, First Officers and Commanding officers of starships. The Security Chief is also designated as command.)

Standard Gorn military uniform consists of an armoured leather body piece and kneepads, over a thermal knee length singlet in departmental colours. The armour is coloured brown for naval personnel and grey for ground forces. Additionally a panel on the upper chest is marked in either departmental colour, or command maroon if said officer is a departmental head or platoon leader for example.

In addition, the large Alliance belt buckle, serves as a holder for the standard military issue tricorder used by the Alliance forces. It is a large, circular device designed to sit in the palm of the (Gorn) hand and is operated by a combination of controls around its periphery near the rest sites of the finger tips. This clips in behind the front and back plates of the belt buckle. The standard communicator patch is mounted on the back of the left hand glove. All Gorn are trained to operate equipment right handed, regardless of their preferred handedness to allow standardisation of equipment, and this is not a major problem for most Gorn as very few Gorn actually favour a particular hand, but right-handedness predominates on those that do, hence the decision upon which hand should dominate for equipment.

Gorn Alliance Weaponry

The Gorn Blaster fires a beam of semi-coherent energy that does damage through burning and cellular destruction. The beam is not well focused, and hence the Gorn Blaster has less range than the Klingon disruptor, even though the basic hand disruptor has less raw power. Designed for the oversized Gorn hand, the blaster is clumsy for most other races to use. .... the blaster is the standard firearm. Gorn officers have also been known to wear ceremonial swords, and even use them in single combat. (Cadet's Orientation Source Book pg 24)
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The Gorn - Military Structure
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