A Gorn fleet for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO.
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 The Gorn - Technology

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PostSubject: The Gorn - Technology   Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:08 pm

Most information out there is from the games that were made, but I was able to find some blueprints and information about Gorn technology on the web.

Here are more links of Gorn ships in the games:

Ships - Gorn Defense Battlecruiser



  • The 3-ZB Battlecruiser's main offensive weaponry is it's two energy cannons. These cannons appear to be a variation of the Romulan plasma energy weapon. Instead of a large energy plasma bolt, it produces a small continous or pulsed beam/bolt. This apparently reduces the energy drain on the ship, and that this weapon is what was used to devistate the UFP starbase on Cestus III.

  • The 3-ZB also carries a contingent of nuclear missles and phasers for secondary offensive use, as well as for ship's defense.

  • Impulse engines are kept covered until activated.

  • All three missle launchers are loaded via their launch tubes.

  • The Gorn transporter is designed along the lines of the Starfleet cargo transporter, apparently for maximum transportation space for crew or carge.

  • Biological science facilities are minimal, and are part of sickbay.

  • Physics and chemistry labs are designed towards miliraty analysis, rather than scientific research.

  • The upper and lower sensor platforms are used for combat, and intelligence gathering.

  • This class ship carries full gear for small ground assaults by either crew or troops carried in converted cargo holds.

  • The 3-ZB can be maintained by a minimum crew of 15.

  • Details of the Gorn shuttle craft are unavailable.

  • Details on the Gorn warp drive are still classified.

Technology from here

As of the late 23rd century, Gorn technology was at a generally similar level to the Federation. Their ships were fast enough that Constitution-class starships had to push their engines to dangerous speeds to overtake them.

Their weapons were described as "like phasers, only worse" by a survivor of the Cestus attack. This description may have been colored by fear, as they were later described as disruptors.

Gorn shields were capable of taking a full barrage of phaser and photon torpedo fire with little or no appreciable damage.

They had transporter technology and possessed voice duplicator equipment at least good enough to fool a casual listener.

Gorn ground tactical units utilized powerful disruptors, capable of completely disintegrating targets at ranges of between 1,200 and 1,500 yards. Their sensor technology may have been less effective than that of the Federation, as they had some difficulty targeting the landing party during their ambush at Cestus III.

They were able to home in on signals from a tricorder, allowing them to "bracket" the user with fire. (TOS: "Arena")
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The Gorn - Technology
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