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 The Gorn through the Path to 2409

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PostSubject: The Gorn through the Path to 2409   Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:45 pm

Slowly, Cryptic has been adding to the story on how things come to pass from after Nemesis to where the game begins. Though most seem centered around Romulan and Federation lore, there has been some information on what Cryptic says happened to the Gorn along the way. I'll be using this post to compile all the tidbits.
Our first hints of Gorn activity are from 2384:
Quote :
But the upheaval in Romulan space is not the only potential war that Starfleet is monitoring. On Stardate 61829.83, the IKS Quv is attacked by a Gorn ship and 207 Klingons die in the battle. Representatives of King Xrathis of the Gorn claim that the commander of their warship was acting without orders, but refuse to surrender the surviving crew of the Quv to the Klingon Empire. In response, Chancellor Martok expels the Gorn’s diplomats from the empire and orders ships to the Klingons’ border with the Gorn Hegemony.
The next comes in 2386:
Quote :
The Gorn Hegemony is mourning the death of King Xrathis. His son, Crown Prince Slathis, ascends to the throne. One of his first acts is to re-enforce their border with the Klingons. Several skirmishes are reported between the two powers.

The Klingons respond to the buildup by the Gorn by sending more ships of their own to the border. The standoff escalates into open conflict on Stardate 63504.74, when a Klingon fleet bombards the Gorn colony on Gila VI. Klingon troops land on the planet two days later, and after a bloody battle with Gorn defenders they succeed in taking the planet.

Federation diplomats are speaking to both sides trying to work out a peaceful solution, but some analysts predict that a full war will erupt within four years. Worf makes a personal appeal to his friend Chancellor Martok to end hostilities, but he admits that it will be a long process
Followed by a Supplemental Log about the war on Gila IV:
Quote :
I meet David Steiner in Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House, Holosuite Arcade, Gift Shop and Ferengi Embassy. It's the hub of social life on Deep Space Nine, and there's an infectious air of fun, revelry and commerce punctuated by shouts of joy and cries of dismay from the dabo tables.

Steiner keeps his eyes down and his voice low, ignoring the frivolity surrounding him. He nurses a Saurian brandy during our interview, but from the empty glasses on the table when I arrived, I could tell it wasn't his first drink of the evening.

Q: So, you were at the Battle of Gila IV.

A: I saw it all. Awful business. After the treaty with the Dominion was signed, I'd hoped never to see anything like that again.

Q: You fought in the Dominion War?

A: On the U.S.S. Rutledge. I was the night watch conn officer.
I … I lost a lot of friends in the war. People who die in a war, they're more than just names on a casualty list. They're people. They had families, and dreams and lives. .

After the treaty was signed … first there was the relief. The war was over. But after a while, I knew that I never wanted to see that much pain and death again.

Q: Is that why you left Starfleet?

A: Yeah. A lot of people like me did, in the years after the war. It's not that I don't believe in Starfleet's mission – I still do. But I was done, you know? I'd given all I could.

But I'm a pilot. I didn't want to be grounded. So I used my savings to buy a little trader. I've been flying the major trade routes ever since. I do the Bajor to Earth run sometimes, but I go wherever the latinum is. Anything to keep my ship flying.

I thought I could do what I loved and avoid all of the conflict, all of the death. I thought if I left Starfleet I would be … I thought I would be safe.

Q: Why did you go to Gila IV?

A: Since the attack on the Klingon warship Quv a few years ago, the Gorn have been buying weapons, generators, heavy metals, spare parts – anything they can get their hands on.

I don't deal in weapons, but the Ferengi are right – war is good for business. I managed to get my hands on a full load of verterium cortenide, and I knew the Gorn would pay a premium for it. Gila IV was the closest Gorn colony to my usual route.

Q: Tell me about your arrival at Gila IV.

A: (Steiner sighs and stares at his glass. He is silent for a long moment.)

I arrived at Gila IV about four hours before the attack. I had to dock at their spaceport to make the deal, so I planned to stay for a day or so and make some repairs – I had a power coupling that needed to be pulled.

I arranged for dock space and talked to the quartermaster about a replacement power coupling. I needed to talk to the head of the trade commission to make the deal for the verterium cortenide, but he left me cooling my heels for more than two hours.

When I finally got into Gorash's office, he seemed … strange.

I don't know, maybe he knew something was coming. He kept asking me about the Klingons – what I thought of them, had I seen any ships on my way to Gila IV, had I heard anything about what they were planning. He asked me about the Federation too, and if I thought Starfleet would throw in with the Klingons if it came to war.

I told him that I didn't get involved in things like that any more – I sold my cargo, got my pay and moved on to the next place. And I remember exactly what he said to me then …

"Everyone's involved, my friend. Everyone. You can ignore the storm, but the lightning will still find you."

Q: And what about the attack?

A: The Klingons hit the weapons platforms surrounding the planet first. The Gorn have always been big on protecting what is theirs, so they have heavy defenses for even the most out-of-the way settlements. (Steiner chuckles.) Give a Gorn a patch of dirt to call his own, and three days later it will be surrounded by force fields and mortars.

The Klingons had most of the platforms down before the Gorn even had a chance to react. They called for reinforcements and started evacuating the spaceport.

It … it was just like the Dominion War. The sirens, the lights, and the shake of the station under your feet every time a torpedo hit … all I wanted to do was run. Hide. But … I don't know, maybe the Starfleet training kicked in. I stuffed my fear under that gigantic knot in my stomach and volunteered to help with the evacuation.

Q: Did you fight for the Gorn?

A: I don't consider what I did fighting. I was helping. Besides, the weapons on my ship would never get through the shields of a bird-of-prey.

I ferried three loads of civilians to the surface. We packed people in to every available space – they were in the cargo hold, sitting next to the warp drive. Heck, on the last run I had two Gorn hatchlings under my navigation console!

We … we started taking fire that last trip. The Gorn line had broken by then. They hadn't run – you'll never get a Gorn to run. Not when he's defending his home. But their defenses were falling apart. They'd just lost too many ships at that point. The Klingons had taken some losses too, but … they're Klingons.

Three of the K’vorts broke off from the fight and started firing on the shuttles going to the surface. I don't know why. We weren't fighting back; we weren't trying to block their advance …

I used every evasive maneuver I learned in the Academy. I was doing pretty well, too, until that port power coupling blew. I hadn't had a chance to replace it.

We lost power to the shields, but I re-routed power and kept the navigation thrusters online. That gave me enough maneuverability to land instead of crash. But I couldn't get to the settlement – we were too far away. I put her down hard in a stretch of desert about fifteen kilometers out.

(Steiner pauses.) Two of the other shuttles … they weren't as lucky. There were at least a hundred civilians on board.

Q: What happened then?

A: Took me a few hours to get everyone out of the ship and find someone who could help me treat injuries. We used up all the medical supplies I had on board, and after that … we did what we could.

The Gorn handled the heat better than I did, but we couldn't stay out in the desert. I couldn't raise anybody on the emergency channels, so we rigged up stretchers for the worst of the injured, gathered what little water and supplies we had left and started walking.

It took us until after nightfall to get to the settlement. But we started seeing the smoke about an hour before sunset. By the time we got close we could hear the weapons fire. And the screams.

Q: Did you keep going?

A: Where else where we going to go? We had hatchlings with us, and wounded. We needed help.

Q: What happened when you got to the settlement?

A: We were stopped by a Klingon patrol on the outskirts of the city. I managed to convince the Gorn with me not to fight.

The Klingons aren't barbarians, Commander. They fight with honor. They conquer, but they treat the conquered fairly.

Once we'd surrendered and they determined we didn't have any weapons, they transported our wounded to one of their sickbays and took the rest of us to a holding area. We spent four days there, until the leaders of Gila IV surrendered.

Q: It took four days?

A: I told you that the Gorn defend what is theirs. They never give up without a fight, but they're not stupid. Once the Klingons overran the city, the leaders that were left surrendered the colony.

Q: And you were allowed to leave?

A: I'm a Federation citizen. It comes with certain … advantages. The Klingons even gave me what I needed to repair my ship.

Q: Have you been back to Gila IV since the attack?

A: The Klingons have cut the colony off from outside contact. No subspace, no trading … it's off the charts as far as the rest of us are concerned.

I'll tell you this, though. The Gorn won't forget Gila IV. This war may have started with one ship, but it's going to get a lot bigger.
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PostSubject: The Gorn through the Path to 2409 (cont)   Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:57 pm

Our next bit of info is in 2388:
Quote :
Although a diplomatic crisis is averted, this is yet another strain on an alliance that has already been tested by the retaking of Khitomer and the Klingons conflict with the Gorn. Analysts report that Federation-Klingon relations are at their weakest point since the Klingons briefly withdrew from the Khitomer Accords in 2372.

There is a bit of onformation from a Supplemental Log with an interview with Worf, but to me it sounds so out of character for him I won't post it here, but will give you the link: http://www.startrekonline.com/timeline/2388.1

Next comes 2389:
Quote :
The campaign to conquer Romulan space is not the only military conflict the Klingon Empire is engaged in during 2389. Their conflict with the Gorn, which had quieted after the battle for Gila IV, erupts again when the two powers struggle for control of the Gamma Orionis system. The Gorn take the advantage when King Slathis negotiates with the Nausicaans, who agree to contribute ships and weapons to the Gorn war efforts in exchange for rights to several asteroid belts and a substantial payment. The Klingons refuse to give up the fight for Gamma Orionis, winning several battles even when outnumbered, and Starfleet Intelligence reports that there are no signs that the conflict will end anytime soon.

Next comes 2390:
Quote :
Raids on civilian ships and settlements along the borders of the Klingon Empire and Gorn Hegemony rise dramatically and Starfleet identifies at least eight places near the borders where the Nausicaans are constructing bases hidden in asteroid belts or nebulae.

Starfleet Command does not consider these bases to be a major threat, but the Federation Transport Union, which represents a large number of civilian freighter captains, is demanding that Starfleet increase its patrols in the border regions and offer additional protections for civilian shipping traffic.


The best-case scenario for the Federation, analysts agree, is if the Klingon and Gorn find a peaceful solution before the conflict has a chance to engulf nearby worlds. To this end, the Federation offers to mediate talks between the Gorn and the Klingons at a neutral location. Neither party is overeager to accept "human" meddling in a personal dispute and preliminary talks to hash out the details of the peace conference drag on for weeks. The process comes to an abrupt halt when Chancellor Martok announces that the Klingons will not participate unless Starfleet withdraws all of its ships from the Romulan-Klingon border.

While the campaigns against the Romulans and the Gorn are both extremely popular on Qo'noS, projections by the Klingon Defense Force show that the Empire's resources are being stretched thin by a two-front war. The KDF recommends a rapid increase in ship production, eliminating some of the blocks to non-commissioned soldiers rising to the rank of officer and possibly scaling back the Romulan war in the short term, because the disorganized, displaced Romulans are not an immediate threat. Ultimately, the Klingons decide to slow their advance into Romulan space, but they continue to garrison and defend the territory gained in the 2389 campaign.

Our newest info comes from 2391:
Quote :
With the Federation withdrawn from the Romulan border, Chancellor Martok agrees to honor his promise to participate in Federation-mediated peace talks with the Gorn. Representatives from the Klingons, Gorn and Nausicaans converge on Deep Space K-7 for the conference, and the Federation sends some of its most celebrated diplomats to facilitate the talks.

Initial progress appears promising, but two days into the conference an explosive device hidden in a serving cart seriously injures Ambassador Zogozin of the Gorn. The Klingon, Gorn and Nausicaan delegations make plans for immediate departure, but are blocked from leaving the station by Starfleet security, which locks down the station during the hunt for Zogozin's attacker.

Two days after the attack, J'dah, a Klingon with ties to extremist groups opposed to Martok's rule, is found dead. Security officers determine that J'dah was killed by a disruptor blast at close range and shoved out an airlock hours after the explosion that injured Zogozin. If J'dah's body had not snagged on a piece of the station, it may have been lost. Forensic evidence proves that J'dah was the person who planted the explosive that injured the Gorn ambassador, but his killer is not found. Journals left behind in J'dah's quarters indicate that his intended target may have been the Federation negotiation team, who all escaped unscathed.

After the attack, talks between the Klingons and Gorn break down. The Klingons push their advance into Gorn territory, and the Gorn, mindful of the need to protect their homeworld, move ships away from their outlying territories. King Slathis approaches the Letheans for additional assistance, but most outside analysts believe that the Gorn do not have the spare resources to hire Lethean mercenaries and still pay the prices commanded by the Nausicaans for their support.

With the withdrawal of Federation ships from the Klingon-Romulan border, hardliners on the Klingon High Council push for a resumption of the stalled Romulan campaign. Martok and his followers urge caution, preferring to concentrate on the Gorn war and building up the Klingon Defense Force to pre-Dominion War levels.
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The Gorn through the Path to 2409
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