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 The Gorn - Anatomy

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PostSubject: The Gorn - Anatomy   Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:37 pm

There is a difference between what a few sites say about Gorn anatomy, so I will place them all here and where they can be found.
From the Starfleet Medical Reference Guide

Reptiloid biped (Homo lacertae)
The Gorn are a green reptilian humanoid species, average height: 2 meters (male) 1.4 meters (female). They have a life expectancy of 55 years (male) 21 years (female).

Being cold blooded, they require ambient warmth and prefer to live in tropical climates. Their respiration system is less advanced then most, and provides just enough oxygen to the body to remain functioning. One internal source of temperature is when a female Gorn gives birth: Gorn lay eggs, which hatch while still inside the oviduct (appearing to be live birth.) Their eyes is covered in thousands of facets, each with its own protective lid.

Average weight: 70 kilos (male)
60 kilos (female)
Blood pressure: 120/80

From Gorn - Memory Beta, non-cannon

The Gorn, or Gornarian Archosaur (Homo lacertae), were a sentient reptillian humanoid species native to the planet Gornar in the Beta Quadrant. The Gorn state was the Gorn Hegemony. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

Gorn are a cold-blooded reptilian species with green, leathery skin and an average height of approximately 2 meters. They tend to be stronger than most humanoids. Their ears are simple holes on the sides of their skulls. Their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp, carnivorous teeth, and their hands and feet have vicious claws. They have a size and bite radius similar to the now-extinct velociraptors of Earth. Like most cold-blooded lifeforms, the Gorn are known to prefer warm temperatures. (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II".)

Quote :
In the remastered episode of "Arena", the Gorn captain is shown to have a primary set of outer eyelids that function much like those of a typical humanoid.

Because the silvery-faceted appearance on the eyes was missing in ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", some fans speculate that this is a membrane (or a manufactured prosthesis akin to contact lenses) that covers the eye and prevents exceedingly bright light from blinding the being. Since the lights on the Defiant were much dimmer than the bright surface of Cestus III, it can be argued that the Gorn did not require such an apparatus to function normally.

It has also been proposed that the presence of insect-like compound eyes in some Gorn suggests that two different races of Gorn exist, and that the structural/functional differences in eye structure are the result of divergent evolution. The proposal of different species of Gorn may also explain why the specimen in "Arena" had five-fingered forearms, while the Gorn present in "In A Mirror Darkly, Part II" had three-fingered forearms

An average Gorn male weighs about 215 kilograms. Their leathery hides is naturally strong which serves as natural armor. Their physical strength is even greater then what their appearance suggests as they possess a great deal of muscle mass. Though this is impressive among the males, the female Gorns are even fearsome a they can average around 2.5 meters high and typically are 250 kilograms. As such, the females tend to be the stronger gender among the Gorn race. Due to this, it is not uncommon to see a large number of female marines and officers within the Gorn military.

Due to their high degree of muscle, the Gorn tend not to be as dexteous as Humans, however, this does not mean they are slow witted. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command II)

(This is what the Gorn looked like in the ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II". Not many fans liked the complete change from "Arena")

A rendition of what Gorn would have looked if EdenFX did the Remastered box set.

Psychology, Society and Interactions with Others

The Gorn race are known to be somewhat xenophobic due to the initial encounters they made with other races. Gorn starships are created to reflect the attitude of the Gorn race which is straight forward and to the point. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command II) What little contact the Federation had with this reptilian race lead most to think of it as an aggressive species, dominated by warriors. Further observation both reinforced and contradicted this. Individual Gorn exhibit aggressive, assertive and determined behavior. They seem set in their ways, and it's difficult to get them to deviate from their planned courses of action. While interaction between Humans and Gorn remains limited, they now work together on Cestus III, and Federation xenologists hotly debate what they observe.

No one denies that getting between a Gorn and his objective can prove hazardous to one's health. When on a mission, be it battling an arch-foe or slaughtering cattle for food, the Gorn pursue their goals with a single-mindedness second to none. Anything that tries to interfere with their duty is ignored, brushed aside, moved out of the way, or destroyed. Humans on Cestus III contend that such actions rarely interfere with life there and that the Gorn have proven themselves as considerate neighbors. Thanks to the Metrons, Humans and Gorn have never had problems communicating. As a result, they managed to coexist on Cestus III after the Gorn made restitution for the settlers they killed during an early misunderstanding. Since then, the Gorn remained on their part of the world, and physical conflict between the races rarely occurs.

No Human believes the Gorn suddenly became pacifistic, however. Instead they seem to have taken a long time to make up their minds, almost ignoring a situation until they decide what they consider the best course of action. A Gorn does little until he believes he knows the right course - and then he lets nothing stand in his way. First contact with the Gorn came after they discovered a Human encroachment into what they saw as their space. Following a long debate, the Gorn leadership decided to exterminate the new threat. The Gorn sent to carry out this decision devoted themselves wholeheartedly to this endeavor, only stopping when an outside force made it impossibe to continue. This sums up much of Gorn behavior: Don't act until you're sure that you're right, and then let nothing stop you. (ST reference: Aliens)

Some humanoids underestimate Gorn because of an opinion that reptiles are somehow less evolved than mammals. This would be unwise; the Gorn are at least as intelligent as humans. (TOS episode: "Arena") According to Orion privateer Harrad-Sar in 2154, the Gorn "brew the finest Meridor in the five systems." (ENT episode: "Bound")
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The Gorn - Anatomy
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