A Gorn fleet for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO.
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PostSubject: Application   Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:36 pm

If you are interested in joining the Black Crests, or just wish to learn more information, contact me on the main thread on the ST:O forums, or place an application here on the boards.


  • You must be a Gorn to join the Black Crests
    -- if you wish to form an alliance with a fleet you already have, any Klingon Faction fleet/race is fine

  • You must be 13+ years of age
    -- this is in real life age not character. ST:O seems to be leaning towards PG-13 rating

  • RPers, Explorers, Crafters, Diplomats wanted
    -- this is not to push away PvPers; I wish for the fleet to be RP/exploration/PvE. If a single member wishes to PvP on their own time that is fine, but the fleet is not PvPing on the whole

  • Star Trek knowledge is not needed
    -- you don't have to know each episode by heart, but at least look at the Gorn information I have put together here to understand the race better

  • Apply on the boards
    -- One thing I really do ask of members is to register on the Black Crest boards as information will be placed there, as well as being a venue for RPing and asking questions
Still interested? Look below!

If you wish to join the Black Crests, copy the below template in a new topic in the Applicants forum:

Quote :

Short Bio:

Name on ST:O boards:
RL age:
Time zone:

What made you interested in joining?:

What do you hope to get out of playing ST:O?:
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