A Gorn fleet for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO.
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 The Black Crests - What We Stand For

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PostSubject: The Black Crests - What We Stand For   Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:13 pm

All information is subject to change once Cryptic writes more of what they see the Gorn background as being

What We Stand For

It is a time of turmoil in the Universe. Pacts and alliances have been broken and reformed with new allies. Those who traded goods with each other now trade phaser and torpedo fire. It is a ripe time for expansion and conquering.

The new order of Black Crests take up the fallen mantle of Lord Slessshh, the one before who carried out the plans of Federation destruction. Daughter of the only remaining original members, Klesssh had a vision ... a vision of the Gorn rising to power once again. Too long has her people been slaves and conquered by other races.

"We are GORN! We are ssslaves to no one! Rissse my kin and take up the banner of the Black Cresssts!"

That day, Klesssh made a vow on the blood of her father; the Federation and their allies will be smashed under her heel.

Our Goals

  • To bring past glory of the Gorn Hegemony back to the forefront of time, no matter to cost or way
    -- Whether you are an RPer, explorer, crafter, or diplomat ... what you do advances the betterment of the Black Crests and the Gorn Hegemony

  • To crush the Federation and their allies, showing that Gorn are no weaklings
    -- By force or by cunning, those of the Federation will learn to fear our banner and our name. Adversaries are welcome for a fun atmosphere

  • To find those allies who shall better our cause
    -- Strength in numbers shall win the day. Alliances are welcome as co-operation in skills and abilities shall crush those before us

  • To be individual but a group
    -- I am not asking anyone to forgo their ship to join mine. Each person's ship is part of the fleet, with your own officers. Better to have a bunch of ships under the Black Crest banner than one with a bunch of players
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The Black Crests - What We Stand For
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