A Gorn fleet for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO.
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PostSubject: Background   Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:53 pm


At the time of the Dominion War, the Federation was weakened by those who destroyed her from the inside and out.

It was the perfect time for the Gorn to crush the Federation, a group that stood in the way of expansion. But first, those who were weak in the leadership caste needed to be eliminated and a new order, Black Crest, needed to rule.

Many weak Gorn were slaughtered that day, beheaded where they sat, weak eggs smashed in the Hatchery so they would not taint the Gorn line anymore.

But all did not go according to plan. The Federation sent one of their own to speak and gain the Gorn trust to help with the Dominion War. One of the leadership caste survived, telling the Federation captain of where some eggs were hidden.

Our fleet was destroyed, our vision crushed.

But now the Dominion War is over ... and a new Black Crest has risen.

*Background based off story found in The Gorn Crisis graphic novel.
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